Macaroon + Easter Bunny

Saturday was heaps of fun making macaroons with Ally. It was an afternoon full of laugh and sweat.

I’ve heard those little french biscuits are not easy to make. However, with caution and patience we succeeded.

We made five different fillings, butter cream, vanilla butter cream, lemon curd, raspberry jam, and nutella. (Ok, I cheated, I didn’t make the last two)

Although the macaroons were definitely the center of the attention for two hours, surrounded by camera, iPhone, and paparazzi when we were making them, they were demolished within seconds once the photo shoot session was done.

Sunday went pass quickly with a relaxing picnic on the lawn near the light house and beach at Wollongong. The weather wasn’t the most perfect, but we enjoyed it~

p.s about the bunny picture, the rabbit is actually a marshmallow ^^

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