Pass, Meet, Know, Bye

Another sketch I did years ago.

There are some people

They walk pass each other but they don’t have time to meet each other.

They meet each other but they don’t have time to know each other.

They know each other but they don’t really know each other well.

They know each other well but they have to say Good bye.

A funny and sad love story

I was tidying my room yesterday and found these old sketches I did many years ago. I remember reading this little funny but also sad love story from somewhere, so I drew my own version of the story on the sketch book.

The fox hanged himself on the line, because he fell in love with the Rabbit. He wanted to drag his ears longer…

But Rabbit doesn’t love Fox. She drinks a lot of coffee during the day. Listen to rock music very loudly and dance all nights. Because she fell in love with Panda.

But Panda doesn’t care about Rabbit. He painted himself with different colours. Because he fell in love with Parrot.

But Parrot thinks Panda’s style is a disaster. She starts to learn swimming, trying to  hold her breath a bit longer in the water everyday. Because she fell in love with Fish.

But Fish thinks Parrot is really silly. He bought a new hat and wears it everyday. Obviously, he fell in love with Fox.

However Fox hang himself too long. He died…Every other story after that is a sad story…


So I guess, sometimes change yourself too much for the person you love doesn’t work…


Journey and Home

I remember taking this photo almost 8 years ago at Hong Kong airport when I first traveled to Sydney with my parents.

I don’t know the girl in the photo. I didn’t know whether she was going on a holiday just like us? or couldn’t wait to get home.

But something touched me to rise my camera and catch that moment.

I always have a thing about the airport. It’s a very emotional place let’s admit it. I know, it might be less the case for the regular business class  (I’m sure they are still happy to go home at the end of the business trip though). However, for the rest of the passengers, it’s normally an unknown exciting holiday, or a home sweet home waiting at the other side of the flight. Unless an even faster travel machine is invented, until then, there is nothing can speed up the journey.

So you always have those moments, sitting at the airport, reading a book, sipping a cup of coffee, listening to some music, sending you thoughts far away, imagining a few hours later you will be at a completely different place on the planet, or even a completely different stage of your life for some people, such as me…


恨其实也说不上,只是感到迷茫时,不知何去何从,看到身边的朋友们的一些经历更是觉得如此。不同的人在不同的阶段在生活不同的方面都需要同样的方向感吧。 工作安定的想在感情上寻找依托,感情上幸运的又在事业上筹措,工作爱情都稳定谁知道是不是又在为寻找自我而迷茫呢。不行,要像沈杏仁那样正面思考,不想在 悉尼待的同学们要这样想,此处不留爷,自有留爷处。想待下来就要想,是金子总是会发光的!

(p.s 还是用中文写blog爽)

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