Journey and Home

I remember taking this photo almost 8 years ago at Hong Kong airport when I first traveled to Sydney with my parents.

I don’t know the girl in the photo. I didn’t know whether she was going on a holiday just like us? or couldn’t wait to get home.

But something touched me to rise my camera and catch that moment.

I always have a thing about the airport. It’s a very emotional place let’s admit it. I know, it might be less the case for the regular business class  (I’m sure they are still happy to go home at the end of the business trip though). However, for the rest of the passengers, it’s normally an unknown exciting holiday, or a home sweet home waiting at the other side of the flight. Unless an even faster travel machine is invented, until then, there is nothing can speed up the journey.

So you always have those moments, sitting at the airport, reading a book, sipping a cup of coffee, listening to some music, sending you thoughts far away, imagining a few hours later you will be at a completely different place on the planet, or even a completely different stage of your life for some people, such as me…

Free flowers

Sometimes you don’t always have to pay for the flowers. I just turn some road side flowers and a bunch abandoned flowers from the market into home decorations~


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