Three interesting cinemagraphs of “Shining” by IWDRM

Be patient with the first one…


Don’t you love them? lol.

Go check their blog, there are more movie cinemagraphs

More experiment on Cinemagraph

I had fun making a few more cinemagraph photos for this week, and figured out some common issues I should try to avoid in the future.

1. shoot with an tripod! and be careful with environmental hazard( such as on a windy day, your camera and tripod might shake a bit).

2. pre-design the frame and action

3. the action shouldn’t be too subtle, otherwise people won’t notice it.

4.if the action is happening as a part of an object (especially a person), try to keep the rest of that object as still as possible.

5. when there are no two same moments in the action, it will be very hard to loop the action later, as there will be a jump between and end frame and the first frame. It doesn’t look smooth (and not natural in some cases).  You can try to reverse the action.

Here they are. The last two photos are examples of “too subtle”.  See if you can find where the action is~! (I apologize if you can’t find it, ^^)

First time trying Cinemagraph

First time trying cinemagraph, it was time consuming, but the result is rewarding

Two more exciting projects coming soon…

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